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Web Sites to check out!
Arches NP


USGS this is the link to the United States Geological Survey's website.  Here you can search for natural hazards (earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, etc.) and many other Earth Science related topics.

Rocks click this link for images of and information on common rocks on Earth.  See the link below on building a volcano as the site also has items relating to rocks.

Minerals click this link for information about and images of minerals.  See the link below on building a volcano as the site also has items relating to rocks.

More minerals click this link for more detailed information and images of minerals.

Plate Tectonics   this link gives you an interactive map and other information.  See the link below on building a volcano as the site also has items relating to rocks.

Geologic Time

Geology From Experience (WH Freeman)  practice problems for lab units in GLY 1010L


Build a volcano   this link will take you to the Smithsonian Institution's interactive website where you can control aspects of volcano formation.  There are other choices to view relating to minerals, rocks, and plate tectonics

Global Volcanism Program   this is a program run by the Smithsonian Institution--here you can find information on volcanoes on Earth.

WebGeology   Animations of geologic processes from the University ofTromso, Norway.  Includes formation of the different rock types

Earthquake animation and epicenter location practice

Topographic Profiles An online animated tutorial on constructing topographic profiles.

Coriolis effect --see meteorology link below.


Heat transfer mechanisms  illustrations of the three heat transfer mechanisms


Coriolis effect   althoughnot technically a Force (as noted on this website) you willfind posted a video illustration of the Coriolis effect, which also applies to the surface ocean currents.

  Daily weather maps



NASA this is a link to the website of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.  There are great photos and other resources available here.

Space back at home (NASA) interactive site--take a tour of how space exploration impacts your life back on Earth.

Space Shuttle Experience: "Welcome aboard the Space Shuttle Experience. Search through the interactive scene to participate in a variety of shuttle experiences. Learn about the program's greatest accomplishments, and how they affect your daily life. And, we are all about discovery, so see if you can find the hidden activities, too! " http://shuttleexperience.nasa.gov/


JPL Jet Propulsion Laboratory at California Institute of Technology (and NASA)

Stargazing this is the link to Jack Horkheimer's downloadable videos describing what celestial objects can be viewed in the night sky during various times of the year.

Stellarium is a free open-source planetarium for your computer

Stars is an overview of the life sequence of stars including diagrams, from NASA and Goddard Space Flight Center

Impact Earth this website lets you "play around" with impactors striking Earth to see what might happen if such an impact occurred.

Light travel times to Earth



 Planetary nebula (Image courtesy of NASA)