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IDS2110 - CONNECTIONS - The Science of Science FictionKlatu
College Catalog Course Description:

A selected topics capstone interdisciplinary experience course for the AA degree curriculum. Summarizes major points in the bodies of knowledge acquired while participating in the general education experience in an applied manner. Involves research, application of theoretical models and utilization of learned skills.

This link is to early (pre-Verne) science fiction. Be careful of the dates of publication. The one exception to the date range is Frankenstein, which I will allow.


This link is to a wide range of science fiction stories – again, be mindful of the dates.                


This link is specifically to Jules Verne E-Books. As the so-called Father of Science Fiction, he is a good choice.          


This is a link to a great biographical sketch on Jules Verne:

This link is to some great background information on H.G. Wells: