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Leland Norman Holland, Jr., Ph.D.

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Personal Photos:

Graduate School Photo 1985
Married life 1990s     
Dr. and Ms. Holland with children 
Dr. and Ms. Holland


Popular Nursing Textbook:

Adams, M.P., Holland, L.N. and Urban C.Q. Pharmacology for Nurses, A Pathophysiologic Approach, Pearson. Hoboken, NJ: 2017. Print.


Scientific Research (Related to Doctoral Thesis):

Holland, L.N. and Goldstein, B.D. (1994) Examination of tonic nociceptive behavior using a method of substance P-
 desensitization in the dorsal horn. Pain, 56 339-346.

Holland, L.N., Shuster, L.C. and Buccafusco, J.J. (1993) Role of spinal and supraspinal muscarinic receptors in the
   expression of morphine withdrawal symptoms in the rat. Neuropharmacology, 32(12) 1387-1395.

Holland, L.N., Goldstein, B.D. and Aronstam, R.S. (1993) Substance P receptor desensitization in the dorsal horn:

   possible involvement of receptor-G protein complexes. Brain Research, 600 89-96.

Holland, L.N. Substance P in the dorsal horn: a study of phasic and tonic nociception (1991), Doctoral Thesis,
   Medical College of Georgia.

Holland, L.N. and Goldstein, B.D. (1990) Changes of substance P-like immunoreactivity in the dorsal horn are
   associated with the 'phasic' behavioral response to a formalin stimulus. Brain Research, 537 287-292.