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Nilanthi Warnasooriya, Ph.D. - Physics Instructor

Dr. Warnasooriya was born and raised in Sri Lanka; a small island in the Indian Ocean. She graduated from University of Colombo, Sri Lanka with a BSc degree in physics. She then entered a Master’s degree program at the Department of Physics, Creighton University , Nebraska and completed her MSc degree in Physics. In 2008 she earned her doctoral degree in Applied Physics from University of South Florida . Her PhD research focused on developing a novel three-wavelength optical phase unwrapping technique based on phase-shifting interference microscopy.

After completing her graduate studies, Dr. Warnasooriya worked at the Langvin Institute at ESPCI Paris Tech , France as a postdoctoral researcher. There, her research focused on the development of a three-dimensional microscopy technique for studying live cells tagged with gold nanoparticles.

She returned to the United States and joined the Department of Biomedical Engineering at Texas A&M University, where she worked on constructing a microscopy technique based on pump-probe optical coherence microscopy to study heme proteins.

In fall 2011, Dr. Warnasooriya joined Hillsborough Community College as a physics instructor. She teaches Fundamentals of Physics, Physics I and Physics II.


Contact Information

Campus : Dale Mabry

Office    : DSCI 126  (Science Building)

Phone   : (813) - 253 -7252  (email is preferred)

Email    : nwarnasooriya@hccfl.edu