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Course Objectives

MUT 1242L: Sight Singing and Ear Training II 

  1. The student will sight-sing with solfeggio syllables simple stepwise melodies in all minor keys in treble and bass clefs.
  2. The student will sight-sing these melodies with a full understanding and execution of duple and triple, simple and compound meters.
  3. The student will sing the melodies with full understanding of the rhythmic patterns involved, i.e. dotted-eighth and sixteenth notes, dotted-quarter and eighth notes, etc.
  4. The student will take dictation of harmonic and melodic intervals and identify them qualitatively as well as quantitatively.
  5. The student will take rhythmic dictation.
  6. The student will take melodic dictation of melodic fragments involving the elements mentioned above.
  7. The student will take harmonic dictation of root position, primary triad progressions.