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Introduction to Basic Health Care Needs

Nursing 1020C- Fall 2003

Evaluation of your theoretic knowledge will be accomplished through exams and submitted written work. There will be 5 exams, 1math test and 5 quizzes based on behavioral objective from your text book, course syllabus and class content.

There are NO retake of examinations(Except the Math Exam) or extra credit assignments. A missed exam must be rescheduled with the faculty and taken within one week of the original exam date. The grading for all make up exams begins at 90%. A make up exam may be short answer fill-ins and essay questions.

The Medication Math Test is given at the beginning of the course. A passing grade of 80% is required for the student to be permitted to administer medications in the clinical area. Successful retesting must be completed by the second clinical week in order to meet clinical objectives. The grade from the first math test will be recorded for course grading purposes.

Late submission of written assignments will have one point deduction for each day late.

Grading is a follows:

5 Tests (50 questions each) x 50 points = 250 points

1 Math Test x 50 points = 50 points

5 Quizzes (20 questions each) x 20points = 100 points

Total = 400 points

Reminder: NO CELL PHONES, PAGERS, BEEPERS ARE ALLOWED IN CLASSES, LABORATORY OR CLINICAL AREAS. Families may call the Nursing Office at 253-7255 0r 253-7268 for emergencies or notify you on the Hospital ward that you will be located on.

Nursing Care Plans must be submitted to your clinical instructor in a timely manner. They are due week 3, 4,and 5 once you start clinical.

Please review HCC’s handbook for policies on absenteeism, tardiness, and plagiarism as these policies will impact your success or failure in this course.