keeping Financial Aid 

Standard Academic Progress (SAP) requirements must be met to receive Financial Aid. SAP is calculated at the end of each semester. Students must meet ALL of the following minimum standards:

Please Note: Federal law requires that all classes including those taken at other institutions are taken into consideration when calculating Standard Academic Progress for Financial Aid.

The Satisfactory Academic Progress Chart will give you more information.

Unusual Enrollment History
Students with an unusual enrollment history may have legitimate reasons for their enrollment at multiple institutions, but such an enrollment history requires review to validate those reasons.

Return of Unearned Funds

Return of Title IV (R2T4)-   Students receiving financial aid who withdraw or stop attending all classes will, in most cases, be required to pay back a portion of financial aid received.  R2T4 repayment rules will also apply to students who fail all classes and whose last date of attendance is not reported by the instructor.  

Overaward (not the same as R2T4)-   Students receiving financial aid who never attend or drop classes after

financial aid has paid are required to pay back the full amount of overpaid funds. 


More information on Return of Unearned Funds available here.