career pathways 4.0
hillsborough community college
Medical Information Coder/Biller:
Medical Biller Certificate
34 credit hours
Learn how to process insurance forms,
assign basic medical codes, and use
databases and medical billing software
for reimbursement for insurance and
billing companies, medical facilities, and
physicians’ offices.
Medical Information Coder/Biller:
Medical Coder Certificate
34 credit hours
Train to be part of a health information
service team. Coursework focuses on
using a classification system to assign
code numbers and letters to each
symptom, diagnosis, disease, procedure
and operation on a patient’s chart.
Office Management Certificate
27 credit hours
Prepare to support management by
producing and maintaining correspon-
dence, files, records and budget
documents. Learn to transcribe medical
office recordings.
Office Software Applications
Management Certificate
27 credit hours
Learn software applications to provide
training and help desk support with
installing, updating, and troubleshooting
software and equipment.
Office Software Applications Specialist
18 credit hours
Qualify to become an applications
systems specialist providing software
Office Software Applications Support
12 credit hours
Receive training needed to provide soft-
ware support in an office environment.
Office Specialist Certificate
18 credit hours
Prepare to become an office systems
specialist for administrative support
functions such as records management
and medical office specialist.
Records Management Specialist
18 credit hours
Learn the latest electronic-based file
management systems that support
complex office operations.
Records Management Support
12 credit hours
Learn to be a systems specialist, records
technician, microfilm technician, or a
document and correspondence
career pathways 4.0
hillsborough community college
AS Industrial Management Technology
This degree program prepares students
for supervisory positions in highly skilled
technical fields. However, to enroll, you
must be a graduate of one of the fol-
lowing: Ford Asset at Brewster Technical
School, Tampa Electric’s apprenticeship
program, or HCC’s automotive, bus
transit, or apprenticeship programs.
AS Office Administration
Choose your area of interest and cus-
tomize a program to suit your talents
and career goals. Depending upon your
track, you’ll prepare for jobs like office
manager, administrative support man-
ager, staff assistant, executive secre-
tary, human resource technician, sales
representative, medical office manager,
medical coder, medical billing clerk,
insurance processor, or medical tran-
scriber. See the HCC catalog for other
available program options. Contact
the program manager at 813.253.7668
or email
. Credits
for the following certificates link to this
Human Resource Management
27 credit hours
Gain the skills to work in employee
benefits, recruitment and staffing,
training and development, salary and
compensation, employee relations, and
workmen’s compensation and safety.
Our business development
and entrepreneurship
certificate gives students
the tools they need to build
a business or become a
creative leader of any
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