AS Biotechnology
Biotechnology is an interdisciplinary
science that utilizes living organisms to
make useful products from biological
systems. Prepare for employment in
emerging occupations such as biotech-
nology research, biological lab, cell
culture or biotechnology manufacturing
technician—all of which continue to
grow at a rapid pace. Contact the
program manager at 813.253.7887 or
for details.
Credits for the following certificate link
to this degree.
Biotechnology Specialist Certificate
19 credit hours
Swift advances in knowledge of genetics
and organic molecules spurred growth in
the field of biotechnology, transforming
the industries in which biological scien-
tists work. Advances in biotechnology
have created employment opportunities
in almost all areas of biology, with
commercial applications in areas such
as medicine, agriculture, and environ-
mental remediation. This certificate
engineering TECHNOLOGY
can be a great stepping stone to a
high-wage and high-demand career.
AS Electronics Engineering Technology
Learn to troubleshoot electronic
equipment; perform operations,
calculations, testing, and reporting; and
assist engineers in planning, research,
development, and design. Graduates
may transfer to any state university
offering a BA degree in electronics
engineering technology or general en-
gineering technology (electrical track).
Contact the program manager at
813.253.7537 or email dmcareers@ for details. Credits for the
following certificate programs link to
this degree.
Cable Installation Certificate
12 credit hours
Train for jobs in installing, testing and re-
pairing telecommunications equipment.
Prepare for a high-tech career.
career pathways 4.0
hillsborough community college
You’ll find many high-wage career
opportunities in the growing fields of
biotechnology and engineering tech-
nology, especially in Florida. If you enjoy
using your hands, experimenting with
new technology and learning how
things work, you’re a prime candidate.
Put your imagination and skills to work
making better technologies for
our world.
Engineering Technology Wages
Biomedical Engineer Technician
Electrical/Electronic Engineering
Technician $41.92
Engineering Technician $26.94
Industrial Engineering Technician
Mechanical Engineering Technician
Automation Certificate
12 credit hours
Train for engineering technology support
positions dealing with PLCs, automation
and control systems.
Lean Manufacturing Certificate
12 credit hours
Train for engineering technology support
positions dealing with quality systems
and their implementation.
Pneumatics, Hydraulics and Motors for
Manufacturing Certificate
13 credit hours
Prepare for engineering technology
support positions dealing with facilities
operations and maintenance.
career pathways 4.0
hillsborough community college
Electronics Technician Certificate
31 credit hours
Learn the skills to be an electrical and
electronics technician, electronic
engineering technician, or related
occupations in electronics. This program
includes the Florida core competencies
as identified in the electronics industry.
AS Engineering Technology
Develop the skills to build a career as an
engineering technician, robotics and
automation designer, research laborato-
ry technician, or quality manager—fields
that are on the rise in Florida. Credits
for the following certificates link to this
Engineering Technology Support
Specialist Certificate
18 credit hours
Prepare for entry-level technical jobs in
high-tech production, manufacturing,
distribution, and engineering research
and development facilities. This cer-
tificate aligns with the Manufacturing
Skill Standards Council (MSSC) and
Certificate Production Technician (CPT)
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