agency like the Florida Fish and Wildlife
Conservation Commission. Contact the
program manager at 813.253.7881 or
for details.
Aquaculture Technology Certificate
26 credit hours
Train to be a field technician or assistant
in the aquaculture, fish farming or
aquarium sciences industries. This
certificate program links to the AS
degree in aquaculture.
AS Environmental Science Technology
Help protect our environment by
learning to sample air, soil, and water
and analyze the results. As an
environmental pollution control or
environmental technician, you will
conduct environmental surveys and
investigations, and learn to effectively
manage natural resources. Contact the
program manager at 813.757.2186 or
for details.
Water Quality Technician Certificate
12 credit hours
Help increase our potable water
supply. Demand is especially high in
Florida, where jobs are available in
pharmaceuticals, microelectronics,
medical, beverage, power generation
and drinking water facilities using
advanced water treatment. Contact
the dean at 813.757.2111 for details.
Follow a green pathway.
career pathways 4.0
hillsborough community college
With the world’s growing focus on the
environment and many businesses
working toward greener practices,
environmental science is more relevant
today than ever. Discover careers that
often chart new territories, with infinite
opportunities for expansion. From
environmental science technology to
aquaculture, you’ll find many possibilities.
Environmental Science Wages
Conservation Science Technician
Environmental Technician $19.90
Water Quality Technician $19.60
AS Aquaculture
If you like the idea of working outdoors
and the prospect of owning your own
business, consider the growing field of
aquaculture. Learn the scientific way
to raise fish and the skills to land a job as
a field/farm assistant or laboratory tech-
nician in private industry or at a state
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