Campus Projects
HCC’s campus communities engage
in sustainability projects throughout the
year. For example, the Brandon Campus
features a solar panel to offset energy
costs for its buildings. Architecture faculty
and students from the Green Building
Club construct earth boxes for pre-school
students at the Dale Mabry Child Devel-
opment Center where a nature-based
curriculum is used. Students from the
Nutrition and Dietetics Club help those
children grow herbs in the earth
boxes to harvest and use in the
culinary program.
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Greening the Curriculum
At HCC many of our programs incor-
porate sustainability principles into the
curriculum. Automotive students learn
how to repair hybrid and electric vehicle
technologies, apply water-based paints
to cars, and repair electric or hybrid
vehicles involved in collisions. Students in
the bus transit program receive training
on smart systems technologies. Architec-
ture students study green building
design. Students in engineering and
physics courses have opportunities to
travel to Spain and Denmark to learn
about the use of solar and wind
technologies on an international level.
Sustainability Council
HCC’s Sustainability Council—comprised
of administrators, faculty, staff and
students—serves as a driving force
behind the college’s sustainability mission
and efforts to reduce its environmental
impact while making more effective
use of resources. The council has led
campus efforts such as the purchase
of a fleet of hybrid and electric vehicles,
a comprehensive recycling program,
as well as a waste management plan.
Students on the council take part in an
annual leadership retreat to learn about
the state’s fragile ecosystems and the
strategies being used to protect
those systems.
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Grounded in Education
HCC’s commitment to creating educa-
tional programs promoting sustainability
and environmental science dates back
to the founding of the college itself—
and continues to move forward as a
priority today. Since 1971, the Institute of
Florida Studies (IFS) at HCC has served as
the outreach arm of the college relative
to sustainability. As a community-based,
environmental knowledge resource
and education center, IFS promotes the
study of ecology, biology, earth sciences
and natural history of Florida. Its outdoor
centers at English Creek and Cockroach
Bay serve more than 5,000 K-12 school
children every year.
“We recognize that, to be successful,
sustainability must truly become part
of the fabric of the college’s culture.”
- Dr. Ken Atwater, HCC president
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hillsborough community college
•Our SouthShore Campus in Ruskin
is the first LEED Gold Certified
community college campus in Florida.
• In 2012 the American Association of
Community Colleges awarded HCC
the inaugural Green Genome Overall
Comprehensive Award for Leadership
in Sustainability.
•Many HCC students and faculty
save money and reduce their carbon
footprint with Zimride, an online
ridesharing database.
“At HCC, we understand the link
between education, economics and
the environment. This triple bottom line,
a core value of our institution, is
essential to the way we do business.”
- Dr. Ginger Clark, director of technical programs
and co-founder of the Sustainability Council
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