From fast-paced careers like nursing and
emergency medical services to detail-
oriented, focused fields like opticianry
and radiography, the health sciences
offer boundless opportunities. As the
health care industry continues to grow,
dedicated and skilled professionals are
in high demand and earn high salaries.
HCC’s top-notch health sciences
programs are led by talented faculty
members and designed to help students
zero in on the training needed to pursue
their passions. To round out their experi-
ences, students can take advantage
of study abroad programs and com-
munity service projects to serve others
while honing their skills. HCC graduates
have high pass rates on national exams,
allowing them to quickly and successfully
enter the workforce. Contact the
dean’s office at 813.253.7370 for more
Change lives for the better.
State College for further admissions
information at 239.489.9430.
AS Counseling and Human Services
If you have a drive to help others, interest
in psychology and strong interpersonal
skills, consider a career in counseling.
You’ll provide group and individual
counseling and/or training in daily living
skills, assist with vocational planning, or
act as a mediator between clients and
service agencies. Take advantage of
evening classes and clinical internships in
community facilities.
AS Maternal and Child Services Program
Prepare to work with families and young
children who are at risk for behavioral
and psychological problems.
Family Health and Support Worker (ATD)
21 credit hours
If you’re a community health care work-
er who does not have a college degree,
this program can enhance your perfor-
mance as a home visitor, family support
worker, case manager, resource worker,
peer counselor or public health aide.
AS Dental Hygiene
Dental hygienists perform preventive pro-
cedures that include scaling, polishing,
and root planing, and exposing and
processing radiographs. Graduates must
pass national and state dental hygiene
board exams to become registered
dental hygienists.
career pathways 4.0
hillsborough community college
Health Sciences Wages
Cardiovascular Technologist/
Technician $23.75
Dental Hygienist $32.81
Diagnostic Medical Sonographer
Emergency Medical Technician/
Paramedic $14.60
Nuclear Medicine Technologist
Optician $15.84
Radiation Therapist $36.95
Radiographer $26.13
Registered Nurse $31.10
Respiratory Therapy Technician
AS Cardiovascular Technology (Jointly
Administered Degree Program)
The cardiovascular technology program
courses are offered and taught jointly
by HCC and Edison State College. HCC
offers the general education portion of
the degree and assists in teaching some
of the cardiovascular courses; however,
the degree is awarded by Edison State
College. Students should contact Edison
HCC’s excellent health
sciences programs help
sustain Tampa Bay’s
healthcare workforce
and provide a higher
quality of care for
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