AS Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Sonography is a medical specialty using
high-frequency sound waves to create
images of the human body. Instructional
areas focus on abdominal, obstetrical,
gynecological, and ultrasound technol-
ogy and instrumentation. Graduates
must pass national registry examinations
to become certified sonographers.
career pathways 4.0
hillsborough community college
American Registry of Radiologic
Technologists Option (Open only to
registered radiologic technologists)
76 credit hours
Graduates of an approved hospital
school of radiologic technology may
earn an AS degree in this special
program for registered radiologic
technologists. Eligible students will be
granted 53 credit hours and may earn
an AS degree by completing an
additional 23 credit hours.
AS Respiratory Care
Learn to treat patients who have dif-
ficulty breathing due to pulmonary or
cardiac disease, and work with prema-
ture infants, children, trauma victims and
patients requiring life support. Graduates
may take the national certification and
registry exams.
National Board for Respiratory Care
Therapist Option
Certified therapists can receive 23 hours
of college credit.
AS Sign Language Interpretation
Coursework for this degree includes sev-
eral levels of American Sign Language,
an introduction to communication
disorders and deaf culture, and
skill-building courses in interpretation. A
practicum and internship are required.
Graduates must pass written tests and
performance evaluations conducted
by the Florida Registry of Interpreters
for the Deaf or the National Registry of
Interpreters for the Deaf to receive
interpreting credentials.
AS Nursing RN Basic
If you have excellent critical thinking skills
and an aptitude for math and science,
consider a career in nursing. A nation-
wide shortage of nurses means great job
prospects for your future. Get additional
training for specialty areas like surgical
care, critical care and burn units. HCC’s
program takes four semesters, and
graduates are eligible to take the
national RN licensing exam.
Nursing LPN-RN Transition Option
This 15-month program provides an
opportunity for LPNs and paramedics
to become registered nurses. Students
must have a valid Florida LPN license or
paramedic certificate to enroll. Gradu-
ates are eligible to take the RN licensing
exam. Summer admission only.
AS Optical Management Technology
Prepare for a supervisory or management
position in the ophthalmic industry. You’ll
learn about safety and sports vision,
customer service, and merchandising.
AS Opticianry
Learn to measure, fit, and adapt eye-
glasses and contact lenses. Gain clinical
experience in our on-campus dispensary
and affiliate sites, and learn basic ocular
science. Graduates are eligible to take
state and national licensure exams
for opticians. The following certificate
programs offer specialized training and
link to this degree. There’s also an online
degree option.
Visual Assessment Advanced Technical
11 credit hours
Ophthalmic Lab Technician Certificate
24 credit hours
Eye Care Technician Certificate
48 credit hours
AS Radiation Therapy
A career in radiation therapy requires
high-tech knowledge, critical thinking
skills and compassion for others. Learn to
administer high-energy radiation therapy
treatments using linear accelerators and
CT simulation. Graduates are eligible to
take the national radiation therapy
examination. The following certificate
links to this degree.
Radiation Therapy Specialist Certificate
(Open only to certified, licensed
43 credit hours
AS Radiography
If you’re interested in anatomy and
physiology, and how to produce and
analyze X-rays, this is a great career
choice. An AS degree in radiography
may transfer to any state university
offering a BS degree in radiologic
science. Graduates are eligible to take
the national technologists certification
and state license examinations.
career pathways 4.0
hillsborough community college
Workforce survey
results show that more
than 78 percent of all
radiation therapists
employed in the Tampa
Bay area graduated
from HCC.
AS Emergency Medical Services
If you are a licensed or licensure-eligible
paramedic, or have been accepted
into the paramedic program, this
program offers you an opportunity to
specialize in education, management
or technology. Credits for the following
certificates link to this degree.
Emergency Medical Technician
11 credit hours
This one-semester program prepares you
to provide basic life support measures
on an ambulance crew, at the scene of
an accident and during transport to a
medical facility. Coursework combines
classroom lecture, practical skills, and
laboratory and clinical experience.
Paramedic Certificate
42 credit hours
This program includes training in
advanced life-support techniques,
such as endotracheal intubation,
electrocardiogram monitoring and
interpretation, DC electrical counter
shock, and administration of intravenous
fluids and medications. With two
admission dates per year, class schedules
accommodate 24- to 48-hour work shifts.
AS Nuclear Medicine
Nuclear medicine technologists prepare
and administer radiopharmaceutical
materials, operate nuclear instruments,
position patients for imaging procedures,
perform lab tests and work up diagnostic
data for physicians. Graduates are eli-
gible to take national registry and Florida
licensing examinations.
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