If you enjoy working with people and
food—and desire a career that can
take you places—look into hospitality
and the culinary arts. Beyond training to
be a chef, you’ll find many rewarding
opportunities to improve health, man-
age businesses or plan events. Contact
the program manager at 813.253.7316 or
for details.
Hospitality and Culinary Arts Wages
Chef/Head Cook $19.53
Dietetic Technician $25.60
Event Manager $21.76
Food Service Manager $23.14
AS Culinary Management
Learn and perfect the skills to become a
professional cook or chef. Credits for the
following certificates link to this degree.
Chef’s Apprentice Certificate
12 credit hours
This specialized certificate offers culinary
training and occupation-specific
employability skills that will prepare you
to work as a pantry cook, prep cook or
lead cook.
Culinary Arts Certificate
35 credit hours
Earning a certificate is a great foundation
for a respected career in the culinary arts
industry. Certified individuals are always
in demand, and, since competition in
the industry is high, those with certificates
are more likely to stand out from their
competitors and get the jobs they seek.
Certified individuals can choose their
own career paths, including working as a
cook, restaurant manager, or food
director of a hotel or resort.
AS Dietetic Technician
Guide others to better health through
nutrition. Working with a registered dieti-
tian, dietetic technicians perform menu
Prepare for an exciting career.
career pathways 4.0
hillsborough community college
planning, diet instruction, food purchas-
ing, and supervision of food production
and employees. Work in schools,
hospitals, senior living facilities or resorts.
AS Hospitality and Tourism Management
Develop the skills to manage hotels,
motels, recreation establishments and
resorts. Credits for the following certifi-
cates link to this degree.
Event Planning Management Certificate
24 credit hours
Learn all about the hospitality industry,
gaining practical business skills and
knowledge through study of economics,
law, management, merchandising
and more.
Food and Beverage Operations Certificate
18 credit hours
Train for specialized jobs focused on the
basic operational aspects of running a
restaurant or working in food services on
cruise ships or other hospitality
industry locations.
AS Restaurant Management
Acquire the skills to manage a hotel/
motel, restaurant, bar or catering agency.
Food and Beverage Management
31 credit hours
Prepare to take on the role of supervisor
or manager in the food and beverage
sectors of the hospitality industry.
Our Gourmet Room on
the Dale Mabry Campus
gives culinary arts
students hands-on
experience operating
and managing a real
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