AS Computer Engineering Technology
Coursework focuses on the diagnosis
and repair of hardware and software in
micro, mini and mainframe computers.
With minimal additional specialized train-
ing, you may become a field or in-house
AS Computer Information Administrator
Put your skills to work as a PC specialist
in customer help desks, microcomputers,
software or information systems. Credits
for the following certificates link to this
Information Technology Analysis Certificate
27 credit hours
Prepare to review microcomputer-
oriented operating procedure, software
applications packages and hardware
to select the appropriate information
technology equipment for a particular
microcomputer-based work environment.
Learn to install and troubleshoot
information technology equipment, and
support information technology users.
Information Technology Management
30 credit hours
Learn how to plan, install, configure,
monitor and troubleshoot computer
networks in a LAN/WAN environment.
Gain an understanding of how to secure
and manage a network.
Information Technology Support
Specialist Certificate
18 credit hours
Learn practical skills for installing and
troubleshooting information technology
equipment and supporting information
technology users.
career pathways 4.0
hillsborough community college
Technology is everywhere—and always
changing. If you’re tech-savvy and want
to make a career of it, take a look at
HCC’s information technology programs.
This emerging job sector offers growth
in many fields, including engineering,
internet services, network administration,
computer programming and database
technology. Training at HCC can help
land you a position in any number of
businesses and corporations. For more
information, contact the program
manager at 813.253.7373 or email
, brcareers@hccfl.
edu or
Information Technology Wages
Computer Software Engineer,
Applications $43.52
Computer Support Specialist $22.24
Computer Systems Analyst $37.38
Database Administrator $35.33
Network/Computer Systems
Administrator $33.25
Web Designer $20.92
program your successful future.
HCC computer
programming students
learn application
design and development,
putting them at the
forefront of a high-
demand occupation.
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