Information Technology Technician
21 credit hours
Obtain the knowledge necessary to
provide technical support in a wireless
and IP technology environment.
AS Computer Programming
Develop the skills to become a
computer programmer, data manager,
programmer analyst or mid-range
computer specialist. Credits for the
following certificates link to this degree.
Computer Programming Certificate
33 credit hours
Prepare to become a computer
programming aide, junior programmer,
senior programmer, data manager,
programmer analyst or mid-range
computer specialist.
Computer Programming Specialist
18 credit hours
Train to be a computer support
AS Database Technology
A degree in database technology offers
varied job opportunities in leadership
roles for businesses needing expertise in
this area. Credits for the following
certificates link to this degree.
Database Administrator Certificate
15 credit hours
Qualify to become a database admin-
istrator—a position that involves working
with database management software
and determining ways to store, organize,
analyze, use and present data. Identify
user needs and set up new computer
databases. In many cases, database
administrators integrate data from old
systems into a new system, test and
coordinate modifications to the system,
and troubleshoot problems. As a data-
base administrator, you’ll be responsible
for ensuring the performance of the
system, understanding the platform on
which the database runs, and adding
new users to the system.
Microsoft Certified Database
Administrator Certificate
Gain the expertise to lead organizations
in the successful design, implementation
and administration of Microsoft SQL
Server databases.
AS Information Technology Security
This program prepares you for employ-
ment as an information technology
security professional assisting business
and industry in developing and imple-
menting strategies to defend company
e-business infrastructure and data assets
against security attacks.
Information Technology Security
18 credit hours
This certificate provides specialized train-
ing in the emerging field of cybersecurity.
AS Internet Services Technology
If you’re a creative type with an apti-
tude for technology, this degree can
help you get wired into a high-demand
job market. Train to be a web designer,
site designer, webmaster, e-commerce
developer or intranet architect. Credits
for the following certificates link to this
Internet Services Technology – Web
Designer Certificate
35 credit hours
Develop the technical skills to become a
website designer and internet architect.
Internet Services Technology – Web
Developer Certificate
35 credit hours
Gain the skills to serve as a webmaster,
web software developer, site developer
or internet programmer.
AS Network Administrator
This program provides the technical skills
needed to be a computer network spe-
cialist, network administrator, customer
support analyst, systems installer, and
career pathways 4.0
hillsborough community college
network systems engineer. Specialize in
Microsoft or Cisco certification. See the
HCC catalog for details. Credits for the
following certificates link to this degree.
Cisco CCNA Certificate
12 credit hours
Train for employment as a telecommu-
nications systems engineer, telecom-
munications specialist, network support
technician, network systems specialist,
and field support engineer as it relates
to Cisco-based networks.
Network Communications – Local Area
Network (LAN) Certificate
18 credit hours
Unix/Linux System Administration
18 credit hours
Train to become a Unix or Linux system
administrator, or, if you’re already in
the field, gain supplemental training.
Prepare to install and troubleshoot
information technology equipment and
to support users of this equipment.
Wireless and IP Communications
15 credit hours
This training can lead to jobs such as
telecommunication technician and
wireless installer.
career pathways 4.0
hillsborough community college
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