Workforce Skills
HCC offers employment training within
12 of the 16 occupational clusters
established by the Department of Labor
with an emphasis on those clusters
demonstrated to have high demand,
high growth, and high placement rates
within the region.
Clinical Training
Students in our health sciences programs,
such as nursing and radiography,
engage in clinical training within local
hospitals and medical services com-
panies. Dental hygiene students have
opportunities to work with real patients,
under supervision from on-staff dentists,
at HCC’s Dental Clinic. HCC also has
an on-site Opticianry Clinic where
students provide spectacle sales and
consultation, minor repairs, cleaning
and adjustment services directly to
Hands-On Experience
Police and fire academies trainees gain
hands-on experience through simulated
training scenarios. A gun simulation
room—with a screened wall depicting
a real-life scene—puts police trainees in
a situation demanding them to put their
skills to work. A fire tower stages a rescue
scene requiring fire academy students
to enter the building and follow proce-
dures to secure the area and extinguish
the fire. The Gourmet Room, a fine dining
restaurant on the Dale Mabry Campus,
gives culinary arts students real-world
experience in operating and managing
a restaurant.
Field Work
Environmental science technology and
aquaculture students, among others,
engage in field work that teaches the
hands-on skills necessary to put their
education to work. Engineering tech-
nology students also sharpen their skills
through a variety of high-tech, on-site
machines that simulate those in
manufacturing companies.
Service Learning
Many HCC programs incorporate
community service into the curriculum.
Accounting students work with a
Certified Public Accountant to offer
free tax services. Veterinary technology
students help stray animals by assisting
their veterinarian program director in
performing needed surgeries on them.
They also host community animal safety
fairs and help train area fire rescue
personnel in helping animals.
Rewarding internships are available
across many HCC programs and some
may lead to full-time employment.
Biotechnology students have oppor-
tunities to work with area medical
and research companies. Automotive
program students often work with local
mechanics, auto body repair shops and
dealerships to gain valuable experience
for their future careers.
career pathways 4.0
hillsborough community college
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Whether arguing
in a courtroom,
practicing an
emergency scenario
or repairing an auto
engine, HCC students
learn by doing.
develop the skills to secure your future.
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