AS Veterinary Technology
Receive training for work in veterinary
private practice, agriculture (equine
services, farms and ranches), biomedical
research, zoo/wildlife medicine, tourist/
recreational facility animal care and
research, veterinary supplies sales, or
humane societies. Contact the
program manager at 813.757.2145
gain a healthy appreciation for animals.
career pathways 4.0
hillsborough community college
veterinary technology
As the demand for veterinary techni-
cians and technologists continues to
grow, HCC’s veterinary technology
program continues to offer excellent
training opportunities. If you have a
soft spot for animals and an aptitude
for math and science, consider this
rewarding career path.
Veterinary Technology Wages
Veterinary Technologist/Technician
HCC’s veterinary technology
program is one of only six
AVMA-accredited programs
in Florida, and the second
largest in the state.
1...,24-25,26-27,28-29,30-31,32-33,34-35,36-37,38-39,40-41,42-43 46-47,48-49,50-51,52-53,54-55,56