Automotive Collision Repair and
Refinishing Academy
1,400 clock hours
Get state-of-the-art training to become
a qualified technician in the auto body
repair industry. Topics include estimating,
automotive painting, nonstructural and
structural repair, welding and cutting,
plastic repair, refinishing, and mechani-
cal and electrical repair. Attend classes
in the morning and work in a shop
from 1–5 p.m. as part of a sponsorship
program with local businesses.
Contact the program manager at
813.740.7990 or email ybcareers@hccfl.
edu for details. This program can
apply toward the AS degree in industrial
Automotive Detailing and Reconditioning
450 clock hours
Combine your creativity and technical
skills in a rewarding occupation with
high demand for technicians in the
state of Florida.
Automotive Service Technology
1,800 clock hours
Today’s mechanics must know how to
fix complex computer and electrical
systems. If you’re a high school graduate
who wants to learn a lucrative trade or
update your skills, check out this pro-
gram. Contact the program manager at
813.740.7990 or email ybcareers@hccfl.
edu for details.
career pathways 4.0
hillsborough community college
If you’re looking for a short-term train-
ing program to gain high-tech skills and
immediate employment, consider HCC’s
workforce training certificates. These
non-college-credit programs generally
require students to have a high school
diploma. The number of hours required
for completion of a program varies,
and some combine on-the-job training
with coursework.
Skilled Trades Wages
Automotive Body or Related Repairer
Automotive Service Technician/
Mechanic $17.21
Correctional Officer $18.76
Fire Fighter $21.76
Sheet Metal Technician $20.05
Welder $17.04
Advanced Water Treatment
612 clock hours
Prepare for a career in environmental
sampling and clean-up, water distribu-
tion, and wastewater collection and
place sealants, polish teeth, and
instruct patients on oral home care.
Be prepared to take the Dental Assisting
National Board Examination upon suc-
cessful completion of HCC’s program.
Passing the examination earns you the
Certified Dental Assisting (CDA) designa-
tion. Contact the program manager at
for details.
Early Childhood Staff Credential
610 clock hours
Every licensed childcare facility must
have one child care professional with
the staff credential. Contact the
program manager at 813.259.6410 or
for details.
Fire Fighting
448 clock hours
To become a firefighter in Florida, you
must complete this training program and
obtain your professional certification.
The curriculum encompasses all areas
required to become an entry-level fire-
fighter, including fire attack and control,
fire ground ladder, hose and rope op-
erations, hazardous materials, and basic
emergency medical care. Contact the
program manager at 813.253.7628 or
for details.
career pathways 4.0
hillsborough community college
Bail Bonding
120 clock hours
Learn everything you need to know to
become a licensed bail bondsman in
Florida. The program is offered three
times a year—in the fall, spring and
summer—on four consecutive week-
ends. Contact the program manager
at 813.253.7787 or visit
yborcampus/cjt for details.
Bus Transit Technician
1,920 clock hours
Work within city, county and state
transportation agencies performing
maintenance and repair work on bus
transit systems. This program has special
admissions requirements, so please
contact the supervising dean at
813.253.7604 for more information.
Correctional Officer
420 clock hours
Correctional officers are responsible
for the supervision, protection, care,
custody, control and investigation of
inmates within a correctional institution.
The program includes the studies of law,
communications, interpersonal skills,
defensive tactics, weapons, medical
first response, emergency preparedness
and correctional operations. Contact
the program manager at 813.253.7954
or email
for details.
Dental Assisting
1,230 clock hours (one-year program)
Dental assistants work with dentists
during a variety of procedures. Learn
to process X-rays, fabricate temporary
crowns, take impressions for models,
Find your fast track to employment.
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