career pathways 4.0
hillsborough community college
enforcement officers in the performance
of their duties. An auxiliary officer has the
authority to bear arms and make arrests
while under the direct supervision of a
full-time law enforcement officer.
Academic subject areas are the same as
those in the law enforcement program.
Private Investigation
40 clock hours
Learn the legalities and techniques of
working as a private investigator for
individuals or companies. This is a great
opportunity for those interested in a
law-related career.
Public Safety Telecommunications
232 clock hours
This program prepares students for a
career as a police or fire dispatcher.
Sheet Metal Fabrication Technology
1,350 clock hours
Sheet metal workers study plans and
specifications to determine the kind and
quantity of materials needed for a vari-
ety of projects. In this program, you will
be trained to use computer-controlled
saws, lasers, shears and presses to create
specially designed objects.
Recreational Vehicle Service Technician
1,000 clock hours
Learn to diagnose, inspect, adjust, repair
or overhaul recreational vehicles. Your
training will include maintaining gas,
electrical, hydraulic, plumbing or
chassis/towing systems as well as
repairing generators, appliances and all
interior components of the vehicles.
Welding Technology
1,170 clock hours
Welding Technology
1,170 clock hours
Welders are in high demand in a wide
variety of industries, from car racing to
manufacturing. Learn to study blueprints,
calculate dimensions, inspect and repair
materials or structures, and maintain
career pathways 4.0
hillsborough community college
Law Enforcement
770 clock hours
Receive training to become a city,
county or state law enforcement officer.
Law enforcement officers are vested
with the authority to bear arms and
make arrests, with the primary respon-
sibilities of preventing and detecting
crime, and enforcing penal, criminal
and traffic laws. Academic subject
areas include law, communications,
interpersonal skills, defensive tactics,
weapons, medical first response, vehicle
operations, patrol procedures, traffic
enforcement and investigation proce-
dures. Contact the program manager
at 813.253.7697 or email ybcareers for more information.
Law Enforcement Auxiliary
264 clock hours
This program prepares you for a part-
time career as a city, county or state law
enforcement officer assisting full-time law
In the next five years,
the nation will need
approximately 50,000
new welders each year—
with high demand in the
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