As you plan for your future in a rapidly
changing world, it’s important to place
your education on a clear career
pathway—a series of educational
training programs that help prepare
you for employment and advancement
in a specific industry or occupation.
Hillsborough Community College (HCC)
can help you find that pathway and
prepare you for success. Begin today by
assessing your interests, motivations and
talents as they relate to specific careers.
Reach the next level.
Higher education plays a key role in
achieving success in many careers, and
HCC can help you reach the next level
in pursuing your goals. Whether you’re
just beginning your college experience,
looking for specialized training for career
advancement or transitioning into a
new profession, we can help put your
plans into motion. HCC offers hundreds
of courses and programs designed to
help you earn a two-year degree or
professional certification, or prepare for
university transfer. With small classes,
affordable tuition and guaranteed
transferability, it’s easy to see why more
than 47,000 students each year
choose HCC.
HCC has educated minds and changed
lives for more than 40 years. A stringent,
national accreditation process adminis-
tered by the Commission on Colleges of
the Southern Association of Colleges and
Schools ensures HCC’s continued com-
mitment to academic excellence. The
college is accredited to award associate
degrees, diplomas and certificates.
Admission Policy
HCC has an “open-door” admission
policy. Admission is open to anyone with
a standard high school diploma, a GED
from any state department of education
or through the military, or who has com-
pleted a home education program that
meets state requirements. Admission to
the college does not constitute admission
to certain health sciences programs, the
veterinary technology program, or the
fire science and law enforcement (public
service) academies. Prospective students
must apply separately to these
limited-access programs.
Paying for College
Among the most affordable in Florida,
HCC tuition and fees are charged on a
per-credit-hour basis and may be paid by
cash, check, MasterCard or VISA at any
campus bursar office. Many students are
eligible for financial help at HCC in the
Begin your future. Today.
career pathways 4.0
hillsborough community college
career pathways 4.0
hillsborough community college
form of grants, loans and scholarships.
For more information on financial aid,
Dual Enrollment
Get a head start on college when you
take courses that count toward both your
high school diploma and a college
The best part is that tuition is free!
Who is eligible?
You may enroll in HCC’s
dual enrollment program if you attend a
public or private secondary school, or if
you are in a home education program.
You must have a 3.0 unweighted grade
point average to enroll in college credit
courses, or a 2.0 unweighted grade point
average to enroll in skilled trades certifi-
cate programs. You must test at a college
level on the SAT, ACT or PERT and have
permission from your high school principal
or designee. Tuition is waived for all dual
enrollment students, and textbooks are
free for public school students. You may
take up to nine credits per semester. You
may save more than $1,200 per 12 credits
earned. Courses are offered at all HCC
campuses. The application deadline is
30 working days prior to the start of each
Call the dual enrollment coordinator at
steps for Enrollment
1. Apply online at
Research academic programs in the college catalog and advising guides.
Submit required proof of residency if seeking in-state tuition rate.
2. Secure your college funding.
Apply for financial aid at Enroll in Tuition Installment Plans (TIPS)
3. Submit transcripts.
Submit high school, GED, college or other transcripts as soon as possible.
4. Take college placement test or submit scores.
Submit ACT/SAT/LOEP or get a testing referral from an HCC advisor or counselor.
5. Attend required campus orientation.
Meet with an academic advisor. Ensure all paperwork is submitted by checking
your status on HawkNet WebAdvisor.
6. Register for classes and pay.
Search for course sections and register for classes.
813.253.7121 or email
Career Pathways Programs
Career pathways programs combine
completion of a high school career
academy or program of study with a
matching degree at HCC. Students
may be eligible to obtain free commu-
nity college credit if they complete one
of these academies or programs while
in high school.
Free College Credit
Articulation is a cooperative effort link-
ing high school career academies and
programs of study with college certifi-
cate, diploma and associate degree
programs. It provides students with an
opportunity to receive college credit
for knowledge or skills learned in high
school. Approximately 60 articulation
agreements exist between the school
district and HCC. If you possess a profes-
sional certification or license, you may
also be eligible for college credit.
HCC Live is a resource for
questions about admissions,
registration, financial aid,
advising and other college
resources. Please call
1.877.736.2575 or 813.253.7000,
9 a.m. – 6 p.m., seven days
a week or visit the HCC Live
information portal at
for answers to frequently
asked questions.
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