career pathways 4.0
hillsborough community college
career pathways 4.0
hillsborough community college
When do I apply?
The earlier you begin the process, the
sooner you can register for your courses.
Registration typically begins in early April
for summer and fall semesters, and early
November for the spring semester.
When is my transcript due to HCC?
As an applicant, you are responsible for
ensuring that official copies of your high
school transcript or GED scores and official
copies of your transcript(s) from all post-
secondary schools you have attended
are submitted to the college. Students
may choose to hand-deliver their
official transcripts to student services at
the campus where they apply. All
transcripts must be submitted to HCC
within 30 days after the start of the
student’s first term of attendance.
What is a placement test?
Florida statutes require that all Florida
community colleges and/or universities
administer a Postsecondary Education
Readiness Test (PERT) to assess the basic
computation and communication skills
of students who intend to enter a degree
program. This test is administered to
incoming students who are not able to
show placement by other means, such as
transferable college/university coursework,
current SAT/ACT scores (completed in
the past two years), or SAT/ACT scores
meeting the minimum college-level
placement. New, transfer or returning
students may be required to take the
placement test, which requires a refer-
ral sheet from an HCC advisor, student
services generalist or counselor. The
placement test is administered on a
walk-in basis in one of our campus
testing centers.
What is residency?
Residency is the term used by Florida
institutions of higher education to describe
the student’s tuition classification status.
Students attending Florida institutions of
higher education are required to show
documentation supporting legal perma-
nent residence within the state of Florida
in order to receive in-state tuition. The
state statute is specific in detailing the
documentation, time period and enroll-
ment status of students intending to
classify or reclassify themselves as in-state
residents for tuition purposes. For detailed
information regarding Florida state
residency, please
How do I know what courses to take?
During your orientation session, you will
receive assistance in choosing your
courses. Initially, you will meet with an
advisor to map out your educational/
career pathway and remain in contact
with your advisor to ensure you’re staying
on track. If you need additional guidance,
visit the helpful counselors at one of our
campus Career Resource Centers.
According to the Gates
Foundation, by 2018 more
than 60 percent of all
American job openings
will require some
postsecondary education.
What is the difference between an
associate in arts (AA) and associate in
science (AS) degree?
AA degrees are designed for those
students whose primary educational goal
is to transfer to a four-year university. AS
degrees provide students with flexibility
because the coursework prepares them
for employment in high-skill, high-wage
jobs and the possibility of transferring to a
four-year university.
Does HCC offer online classes?
HCC offers extensive online class options.
Visit for a full schedule of online
Do I get credit for courses I took years ago?
College credits do not disappear or expire.
Courses taken at HCC or another institution
are part of your permanent record and
may apply to the program you intend to
pursue now. After you have submitted
an official transcript to the college, your
transfer credits will be evaluated and, if
applicable, added to your academic
record. For coursework from unaccredited
or nationally accredited institutions, sched-
ule a meeting with an academic advisor
or student services generalist to discuss the
process for transferring credits.
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