career pathways 4.0
hillsborough community college
support from grants
Community Connections
As essential components of the training
we provide, HCC’s partnerships with
business and industry help strengthen our
engagement with the community we
serve. By collaborating with numerous
organizations, we ensure our curriculum
meets existing and emerging labor
market needs. These connections also
play an integral role in our grant-seeking
efforts, making HCC’s successful
programs attractive to external funders.
HCC stays on the cusp of
learning that leads to
academic achievement and
training that contributes
to our region’s ability to
remain competitive.
Criminal Justice
$200,000 Criminal Justice
Technology grant from the
U.S. Department of Justice
$233,713 Criminal Justice
Trust Fund grant from the
Florida Department of
Law Enforcement
Training Facilities
$1.6 million Workforce
Training Center grant
from the U.S. Economic
Underserved Students
Hillsborough County School District:
$315,139 Adult Education-I grant &
$80,000 Career Pathways grant
Federal office of Adult and
Vocational Education & Florida
Department of Education: $850,000
State of the Equipment grant
Tampa Bay Workforce Alliance &
Hillsborough County:
$268,500 Workforce grant
$3,421,196 Florida
Advanced Technical
Education Center
(FLATE) grant at
Family Support
$391,070 Early
Literacy Matters
grant from the
Children’s Board of
Hillsborough County
$300,000 Supporting
Worker Transitions
grant from the
Kellogg Foundation
here are a few of the many grants
within hcc’s workforce portfolio.
Grants Portfolio
The quality of HCC’s workforce programs
has attracted federal and private
foundation grants to support ongoing
skills training in high-demand, high-wage
occupations. The college submits grant
proposals that align with our strategic
goals and further our mission.
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