career pathways 4.0
hillsborough community college
government and nonprofit agencies.
Credits for the following certificate links
to this degree.
Accounting Applications Certificate
30 credit hours
This certificate program will provide you
with the specialized skills to work as a ju-
nior accountant or accounting assistant.
AS Business Administration
Learn to be a team player while devel-
oping your communication and analyti-
cal skills. This degree can lead to jobs in
customer management, international
business management or marketing.
Graduates may also transfer to any state
university offering a bachelor’s degree
in general business or business adminis-
tration and management. Contact the
dean’s office at 813.253.7449 or email
or brcareers@ for details. Credits for the
following certificates link to this degree.
BUSINESS and office
Business Development and
Entrepreneurship Certificate
25 credit hours
HCC’s business development and
entrepreneurship certificate will assist
you in determining if a business idea is
viable, writing a comprehensive business
plan, and acquiring the management
skills needed for success. If you’re ready
to turn your vision into a reality and start
your own business, HCC will show you
how to begin and how to succeed!
Other Business Certificates:
Business Management Certificate
24 credit hours
Business Operations Certificate
18 credit hours
Business Specialist Certificate
12 credit hours
invest in your future.
Business skills can open many doors,
with training that applies to areas from
investments and banking to marketing
and public relations. HCC’s business
programs allow you to learn the nuts and
bolts of management, accounting, ad-
ministration and many other day-to-day
aspects of running a successful business.
Business Wages
Accounting Clerk $16.36
Administrative Services Manager $37.45
Human Resources Specialist $25.33
Marketing Manager $52.05
Medical Records/Health Information
Technician $15.55
AS Accounting Technology
The field of accounting is changing
rapidly with a rise in globalization and
new regulatory processes. High demand
for accounting professionals exists
across many sectors including business,
career pathways 4.0
hillsborough community college
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