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Increase the Level of Security.
Private security and investigations is a rapidly growing area
within criminal justice brought about by the expansion of
privatized security in the U.S. This track offers courses
designed to prepare graduates for work in various private
security fields, including private investigations, loss
prevention, and governmental security.
Security Officer
Loss Prevention Officer
Private Investigator
Please note:
The courses for this track are meant for either degree-seeking students or non-
degree-seeking students desiring career development. They are not licensing
courses and will not entitle the student to become licensed by the state of
Florida as a security officer.
Protect our Nation.
Homeland security is an expanding field within criminal
justice due to the recent increase in terrorist threats
against the United States at home and abroad. The
department of criminology and criminal justice studies
offers a homeland security track with courses that
specifically address terrorism, weapons of mass
destruction, and private security.
Courses for this track may be used toward an associate
degree and train students for work in various homeland
security fields. It is specifically designed for those pursuing
careers in counter-terrorism, counter-intelligence, national
security, or governmental security.
For more information on courses in the homeland security and private
security and investigations tracks, visit