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With more than 2,400 students and 37 instructors, criminology and criminal
justice studies is one of the largest programs at HCC. Students with an
interest in helping society and pursuing exciting, fast-paced careers are
great candidates for this popular area of study—an excellent foundation
for many fields.
Small class sizes averaging 20 to 30 students—with sections offered
mornings, afternoons, evenings, and even online—bring flexibility and
accommodate a variety of schedules. Whether you’re a full- or part-time
student, criminology and criminal justice studies at HCC offers an affordable,
high-quality option for the freshman and sophomore years. Many of our
courses are equal in content and rigor to most state universities. Our top-
notch faculty members, experts directly from their fields, offer a wealth of
real-world experience to their teaching perspectives.
The department of criminology and criminal justice studies provides a broad
foundation in history, philosophy, organization, management, and operation of
the criminal justice system. Our degree and certificate programs may lead to
entry-level, non-sworn positions in local, state, and federal agencies—or serve
as a first step toward a career in sworn law enforcement, corrections, and
probation as well as public service or law. Our programs are also beneficial to
professionals in criminology and criminal justice-related fields seeking incentive
benefits or career enhancement.