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Focus on Improving Youths.
Students seeking to work in juvenile crime prevention
and control, or in the juvenile justice system, may
choose our juvenile justice sub-track. Courses on
juvenile delinquency help prepare them for positions
in this specialty.
Students of this sub-track train for careers in juvenile
detention, juvenile residential care, juvenile probation,
and juvenile diversion.
For more information on courses in the corrections and probation
track and juvenile justice sub-track, visit
Keep Criminals Under Control.
Our corrections and probation track is designed for students
pursuing careers in the county jail; state or federal prison system;
or the parole, probation, or community control system. Courses
introduce students to the fundamentals of corrections, prisoner
rights, and parole and probation.
Corrections Officer
Deputy Sheriff
Detention Officer
Probation Officer
Parole Officer
Classification Officer