HCC Enrollment Guide 2013-2014
H A W K C a r d / a s k a l i b r a r i a n / b r e a t h E f r e e h c c
Be Sure to Get Your HCC
Hawk Card!
The HCC Hawk Card serves as the official HCC photo
ID and is required to access library services. The card
provides access control to Hawks Landing resident hous-
ing and other designated campus locations. In addition,
card holders who have loaded money onto their card
accounts will receive limited discounts at on-campus
merchants who accept the card.
For example:
The HCC Bookstore offers a 5% discount on apparel
and general merchandise that bears the HCC logo,
excluding text books.
The Hawk Card is a preloaded declining balance
card. Funds must be loaded onto the card account in
advance of making purchases, and spending cannot
be done in excess of the amount on the card. Students,
faculty and staff manage their accounts and are able
to load funds, monitor their balances, and review
their transactions via the web. If preferred, funds can
be loaded onto the card account by two additional
means: on the web at
web or by visiting a campus Bursar Office.
Students can get their Hawk Cards at scheduled card-
ing events during registration periods and at all campus
bookstores, except SouthShore Campus, throughout
the semester. Cards are available at the Learning Re-
source Center at the SouthShore Campus. Avoid lines
and take advantage of discounts by getting your card
early in the semester!
The Pay-for-Print feature of the
Hawk Card will begin in summer
2013. Additional features will be
phased in, such as snack and bev-
erage vending, access to parking
areas for faculty and staff, and the
Ybor City Parking Garage for stu-
dents, faculty and staff. Also, room
access to college facilities is now
active at some campus locations.
For up-to-date information about the Hawk Card,
please visit
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• Financial aid notifications.
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