HCC Enrollment Guide 2013-2014
Admissions/registration Policies
Transfer Students
Students who wish to transfer to HCC are required to
submit an application for admission and complete
an online New Student Orientation (NSO). In order to
become eligible for the online NSO, students must pro-
vide official or unofficial copies of transcripts from their
previous institutions for review by an academic advisor.
This may be done on any campus. All official transcripts,
including high school, must be received by the college
prior to the start of the term.
Transient Students
Students who currently attend another institution but
wish to take courses at HCC are considered transient
students. Transient students are required to submit an
HCC application for admission and provide the col-
lege with an authorization/transient letter from their
home institution specifying the courses for which they
are permitted to register at HCC. They are not required
to provide official or unofficial transcripts nor complete
NSOs. Students attending a public Florida postsecond-
ary school must also submit their transient requests
online via
and should check the HCC
website’s Important College Calendar Dates to see
when transient registration begins.
Non-Degree-Seeking Students
Students who wish to attend HCC as non-degree seek-
ing students are required to submit an HCC application
for admission. Students do not need to provide official
transcripts to enroll in classes not requiring college-level
reading, writing, or math skills. (Course descriptions can
be viewed in the catalog on the HCC website.) How-
ever, once you’ve completed 12 credit hours, you must
submit official transcripts and take the HCC college
placement test or provide valid SAT, ACT, CPT scores
to enroll for additional classes. Non-degree-seeking stu-
dents are not eligible for veterans’ benefits or financial
aid. Non-degree-seeking students must meet all prereq-
uisites. Completing an orientation is not required, but
accessing the online orientation is highly recommend-
ed for familiarity with WebAdvisor and other important
student resources.
You may drop and add classes during the established
drop/add period. Check your course schedule for
classes that have a start and end date that differ from
the regular schedule. These classes will have individually
determined drop/add dates that differ from the regular
16-week schedule. Financial aid recipients should con-
tact their campus financial aid offices or VA representa-
tives before initiating any adjustments.
Courses must
be dropped by the refund deadline to receive a
refund of tuition and fees.
All students, including financial aid recipients and VA
benefit recipients, are responsible for dropping any
classes that they do not plan to attend.
Failure to
drop the class before the established drop dead-
line will require the student to assume full liability
for the tuition charge associated with the class.
You must withdraw from a course before the published
deadline. The withdrawal deadlines for regular courses
are listed at hccfl.edu/AcademicCalendars. Check
your course schedule for classes that have start and
end dates that differ from the regular schedule. These
classes will have individually determined withdrawal
Course fees are not refunded when you withdraw.
Financial aid recipients as well as VA benefit re-
cipients should contact their campus financial aid
offices before initiating withdrawals.
NOTE: If you receive financial aid, you must contact the
financial aid office prior to withdrawing from classes.
The U.S. Department of Education requires institutions
to return a percentage of the Title IV funds received
by students who withdraw from all of their classes prior
to completing 60 percent of the semester.
This may
require you to repay a percentage of any Pell
Grant, Federal Supplemental Educational Op-
portunity Grant, or Federal Student Loan funds you
have received.
See also Satisfactory Academic Progress informa-
tion on page 7 for additional requirements.
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