HCC Enrollment Guide 2013-2014
What institutional costs will financial aid pay?
Based upon the type of financial aid award you qualify
to receive, most financial aid awards will first pay the
cost of tuition and fees.
If you have funds available after tuition and fees are
paid, you may use a specified amount to purchase
books and supplies from HCC’s Bookstore.
Which programs will financial aid pay for?
• All AA and AS programs.
• Many (but not all) college credit certificate and
several PSAV programs.
Check the HCC online catalog for specific programs
at hccfl.edu.
If I applied for financial aid but my financial aid
is not awarded by the payment due date, will my
classes be dropped?
Students applying for financial aid must submit all
required documents by June 18, 2013 for the fall 2013
term. Students submitting financial aid documents after
June 18, 2013 will be expected to pay for their classes
or sign up for the Tuition Installment Plans (TIPS). See
page 4 of this publication for TIPS information and
page 8 for other payment options.
Financial aid priority awarding deadline dates:
• Fall 2013 – June 18, 2013
• Spring 2014 – November 12, 2013
• Summer 2014 – April 11, 2014
Submitting all required documents by the financial
aid priority awarding deadline will ensure payment for
registered courses.
New Procedure
Students registering for classes during the week of drop/
add must pay, sign up for the TIPS program, or receive a
deferment the same day of registration to avoid being
removed from classes.
What are the required credit hours?
All aid award programs require a minimum of 6 credit
hours per semester (exception may be a Pell Grant).
Some aid award programs require 12 credit hours per
The following information is also available on the
Financial Aid website:
• How to apply for financial aid
• Types of financial aid programs
• Stafford loan entrance and exit counseling sessions
• Financial aid information links
• Tips for youths who were in the foster care program
• Financial aid questions and answers (FA Q&A)
• Cost of tuition and fees
• Bright Futures scholarships
Satisfactory Academic Progress
Standard Academic Progress (SAP) requirements must
be met to receive financial aid. SAP is calculated at
the end of each semester. It is important that students
receiving financial aid understand that they must
meet ALL of the following minimum standards in order
to receive aid:
• Maintain a cumulative 2.0 grade point average
(GPA) each semester.
• Complete 67% of your credit hours attempted.
• Complete your degree within the 150% timeframe
(i.e. an associate degree of 60 credit hours must be
completed within 90 credit hours).
Detailed information on SAP can be found at hccfl.edu/
Email the following for further information:
Brandon Campus
Dale Mabry Campus
Plant City Campus
SouthShore Campus
Ybor City Campus
Student Refunds/HCC OneCard
Students receive
financial refunds
via the HCC
OneCard. The OneCard (a debit card) is mailed to the
student’s home address (current mailing address on file
with the college). Students must VERIFY the accuracy
of their address at the Admissions, Registration, and
Records window or by reviewing
to ensure receipt of refunds.
Each registered student will receive an HCC
OneCard. To receive your refund, you must activate
your HCC OneCard. During card activation, you will
choose how to receive your refund. If you want faster
access to your funds, simply choose to have your
refunds deposited directly into your HCC OneAccount.
Activate your HCC debit card and make your refund
selection online at
The cost to replace the HCC OneCard is $23.
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