HCC Enrollment Guide 2013-2014
Financial Aid
(refer to section on financial aid on page 6)
Tuition and fees are charged on a per-credit-hour basis
and can be paid online through HawkNet.
In Person
Visit the campus Bursar Office (Cashier) and use one of
the following forms of payment:
• Personal check—checks must be payable to
Hillsborough Community College and include the
maker of the check’s full name, address, home and
work phone, driver’s license number and state, and
student ID number
• Cashier’s check
• Cash
• MasterCard or VISA
Check your residency status for correct billing
Tuition Installment Plans (TIPS)
See page 4 of this publication for information on tuition
installment plans.
Sponsored Agency
Visit the campus Bursar Office with paperwork from your
sponsor: employer, state or federal agency, etc.
This serves as your payment.
Payment deadlines are noted under the Important Col-
lege Calendar Dates on page 19 in this issue.
Checks are deposited the same day received, and
funds should be available to cover them. Do not
stop payment on your check even if you drop your
course(s). If you stop payment on your check, or have
insufficient funds to cover your check, you will be
charged a $25 fee. Your check payment privileges may
be withdrawn after one check is returned unpaid.
If your account is past due, you will not be allowed to
register for a new term.
If you have outstanding financial obligations, HCC
may not honor your request for registration, transcripts,
grades, and diplomas.
Fee Exemptions and Waivers
Students who have fee exemptions or fee waivers
should submit those to the Bursar (Cashier) office.
Delayed Payments
• T
uition and fees are due as soon as you register for a class.
• If you register after the delayed payment due date,
tuition and fees are due by the end of business on
the same day you register.
• It is the student’s responsibility to drop course(s) in
which they are no longer interested.
• To receive a 100 percent refund, a course must be
dropped prior to the last day of the course drop period.
NOTE: Check with your campus admissions office or
make your updates via HawkNet to ensure your current
address is on file prior to registering.
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