HCC Enrollment Guide 2013-2014
Academic Advising
Why should I see an academic advisor
or counselor?
Academic advisors can help students chart their
academic journeys by developing educational plans.
Advisors also help students with college resources,
educational programs, unofficial transcript evaluations,
course selections, progress toward degree require-
ments, graduation review/applications, and transfer
information. To meet with an HCC advisor, visit any
HCC campus Student Services Department.
Counselors at HCC assist students with issues such as
academic problems and academic restrictions, per-
sonal problems, career counseling, scholarships, linkage
programs, and petitions for late drop or withdrawal. To
meet with a counselor, visit any HCC campus Student
Services Department.
HCC academic advising centers are open Monday
and Tuesday, 8 a.m. – 7 p.m.; Wednesday and Thurs-
day, 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.; and Friday, 8 a.m. – noon. All
offices are closed on observed holidays.
For additional information, we encourage you to visit
Advising Guides
The Advising Guides assist students in fulfilling degree
requirements for their chosen majors. The guides should
be used in conjunction with the catalog and other
college resources and are meant to supplement the
advising process. Students who plan to transfer should
contact the college where they intend to transfer to
determine appropriate coursework. All students should
meet with academic advisors or counselors to discuss
their academic plans.
To view Advising Guides, visit
Degree Audit
A Degree Audit helps students keep track of the
courses they have completed toward their degrees
and the courses that are needed to complete the
degrees. Students can access their Degree Audits via
Web Advisor by clicking on
Progress Toward Degree
or at FACTS.org. Questions regarding the
Degree Audit can be answered by the academic advi-
sors at any HCC campus. Degree Audits and Advising
Guides should be used together in course selection and
degree completion.
Florida Virtual Campus
Florida Virtual Campus at
provides trans-
fer information to public state colleges and universities
as well as the Independent Colleges and Universities
of Florida (ICUF). Students who log on to Florida Virtual
Campus can review their unofficial HCC transcripts,
run their HCC Degree Audits, view the degree audits of
the other universities and colleges, and create student
To see all that Florida Virtual Campus can do for you,
log on at
Academic Support Centers
All HCC campuses offer academic support for students
with convenient learning workspaces to ensure that
all students have access to the resources, technology,
guidance, and sustained motivation that they need to
excel in college and to succeed beyond college. For
more information about the Academic Support Cen-
ters, contact the campus nearest you.
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