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HCC Enrollment Guide 2013-2014
Registering for MacDill Classes
MacDill Center classes are open to everyone. However, if
you are a student without a Department of Defense (DOD)
identification card, you must comply with these rules and
procedures to attend classes on MacDill Air Force Base.
All civilian students must undergo background inves-
tigations before being allowed to attend on-Base
classes. Non-DOD-affiliated foreign students (no student
visas allowed) and individuals on parole/probation or
with felony conviction histories are automatically de-
nied access to on-Base classes. Resident aliens with ap-
plicable Immigration Naturalization Service documen-
tation may attend on-Base classes.
Everyone entering
the Base—including drivers—without DOD identification
cards must undergo background investigations for Base
Please be aware that, in the event of an emergency
situation, your classes may be moved to an off-Base
Access to on-Base classes is a privilege. Any violation
of posted Air Force restrictions will result in immediate
expulsion from your on-Base classes without compen-
sation. Speed limits and other traffic laws are strictly
enforced. Regulations require all cell phone usage by
drivers of moving vehicles to be hands-free.
MacDill classes are accelerated, not abbreviated. You
will cover the same material in a MacDill class—re-
gardless of length—as you would in a normal campus
course offering. Students must formally drop a class
by the designated drop date to receive a refund. Pay
attention to classes with mandatory first day participa-
tion requirements; no missing students (or adds) are
permitted without the express approval of the program
Access to On-Base Classes
Due to periodic changes to these procedures,
students attending MacDill classes should contact
the MacDill Center at 813.259.6396 for updated
instructions not later than five business days be-
fore the start of class.
A d m i s s i o n s / r e g i s t r a t i o n P o l i c i e s
What This Means
It is your responsibility to prove you are a
Florida resident. Living in Florida does not
automatically qualify you for in-state tu-
Even if you were born and raised in
Florida, you will need to provide proof of
HCC will determine your status
based on the documentation you provide,
according to Florida Statutes and the Florida
Department of Education, fldoe.org/cc/edu-
Why It’s Important
You will be charged out-of-state tuition if you
do not supply this information by the end of the
drop/add period for the semester for which you
are enrolled.
The out-of-state rate is approximately three times
the in-state rate.
In order to be classified in-state for tuition purpos-
es, you must help HCC determine:
• Whether you are dependent or independent.
• Whether you are a Florida resident.
• Documents to verify the information.
Visit hccfl.edu and click on
Future Students
, then
How to Apply for In-State Tuition
to see all require-
Verify with your home campus Admissions,
Records & Registration (AR&R) office that your
documentation has been confirmed and you are
classified an in-state resident.
Information Resources
HCC has access to the Division of Highway Safety
and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) database, which
can be used for the purpose of verifying residency
documents such as driver’s license and vehicle
registration histories for students and their parents.
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