HCC Enrollment Guide 2013-2014 - page 4

HCC Enrollment Guide 2013-2014
Tuition and Fees
Florida Resident
Credit Hour Fee* . . . . . . . . .$104.39
Non-Florida Resident
Credit Hour Fee* . . . . . . . . . $379.61
* Fees are subject to change with the approval
of the District Board of Trustees and the state
Fees for Credit Courses
All students must pay applicable fees.
Third Attempts
Students must pay the full cost of instruction
(equal to out-of-state fees) for credit classes they
attempt a third time and any additional times. Stu-
dents must petition the dean of student services
for a fourth attempt at a college level course.
Only three attempts at HCC are permitted for col-
lege preparatory classes. Financial aid does not
pay any third or more attempts for a course.
Late Fee
HCC charges a $25 late registration fee. This fee
applies to students whose initial registration for
the term occurs on or after the first day of class. It
also applies to students who re-register after being
deleted from classes for non-payment. The late
registration fee only applies to regular, full-term
credit courses.
Tuition Installment Plans (TIPS)
To help you meet your educational expenses, HCC is
pleased to provide the
tuition payment plan, TIPS
, avail-
able at all campuses and to all HCC students.
The earlier you enroll through TIPS, the more payment
options you have. To enroll or find out more information,
TIPS is administered for HCC by Nelnet/FACTS Manage-
ment Co., Lincoln, NE. You may reach Nelnet/FACTS at
How TIPS Works
Enrolling in TIPS is simple.
Your user log-in is your seven-digit student ID number
(without the initials), and your password is your six-digit
birth date with the forward slashes.
NOTE: The HCC Business Office is closed Saturday and
Sunday. If you enroll in TIPS after 2 p.m. on Friday, your
enrollment may not be received in the Business Office
until the following Monday. This may result in cancella-
tion of your classes due to non-payment of fees.
Please do not make a TIPS agreement on Sunday or
after 11 p.m. any evening.
HCC’s scheduled systems
maintenance during those times may interfere with the
proper posting of your agreement, resulting in the de-
registration of your classes.
Do not assume your balance will be automatically
adjusted if financial aid is received or a class is dropped
or added. For balance adjustments to your TIPS agree-
ment, please call 800.609.8056. Refunds for overpay-
ments may take HCC several weeks to process, so
please be patient.
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