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Institute of Florida Studies
The Institute of Florida Studies (IFS) is a community-based educational center designed for the study of
ecology, biology, earth sciences, and natural history of Florida. The mission is to promote a greater
understanding and appreciation of the biological, economic, recreational, and aesthetic
importance of environmental systems, and of the natural history of Florida through education,
training, research, and information.
Housed in an outer arm of HCC’s Plant City Campus, IFS offers environmental educational
programs and outreach activities to students and the community. IFS provides
programs to approximately 3,000 children each year, including field trips to English
Creek and Cockroach Bay. It also offers professional certification programs and
non-credit courses for the general public. Programs include inter-agency basic
prescribed fire training, landscape design, Florida certified horticulture professional
FCHP) training course, and water and wastewater treatment operators certificate.
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WorkForce Plant City
HCC is home to a career resource center run by the Tampa Bay WorkForce Alliance.
The center helps job seekers to refine their career goals and find open positions, and offers
networking opportunities, career fairs, veteran services, and more.
Today, 31 percent of employers are struggling to fill their vacant positions because of “a
talent mismatch between workers’ qualifications and the specific skill sets and combinations of
skills employers want.”
Manpower, 2010)