Page 8 - HCC Plant City Campus

Educational Goals
Students who complete HCC associate degrees are guaranteed a
seat in the State University System of Florida.
HCC’s associate in arts
degrees fill core requirements for bachelor’s degree programs at state universities
and are also pre-approved to apply toward degree requirements at the University of
South Florida (USF).
Many graduates go on to complete bachelor’s degrees at USF,
the University of Florida (UF) and other four-year institutions.
HCC’s dual enrollment program allows high school students to take courses that
count toward both their high school diploma and college degree
Tuition is free
providing an easy and affordable way for admitted students to take challenging
classes while advancing their academic goals.
University of Florida
College of Agricultural and Life Sciences (CALS)
The HCC-Plant City Campus is home to a University of Florida CALS satellite program
that offers majors in agricultural education, environmental horticulture, geomatics,
and environmental management in agriculture and natural resources.
All agricultural course requirements for UF’s bachelor’s degree can
be completed at HCC-Plant City and are fully transferable to UF.
The curriculum follows the academic standards used on the Gainesville campus,
with identical transcripts and diplomas.
The agricultural industry is an important
economic driver in Hillsborough County, and students who complete CALS courses
are often in
high demand.