Frequently Asked Questions

What is FUSE?
FUSE guarantees admission to the University of South Florida selected academic majors with an Associate in Arts from Hillsborough Community College.

How can students qualify for the FUSE program?
1. Students must enroll as an AA degree seeking student who plans to transfer to USF in one of the “selected academic” programs.
2. Students must complete an HCC application and select FUSE on the application.
3. Students must send official High School Transcripts to Hillsborough Community College.
4. Students must send official SAT or ACT scores to Hillsborough Community College.

What are the benefits of the FUSE program?
• Personalized Advising and Registration
• Assistance with transferring to USF

What is the difference between the FUSE Program and Florida 2+2 Program?
FUSE guarantees admission to USF in selected academic majors whereas the 2+2 program only guarantees admission to one of the Florida’s State Universities.

Can a FUSE student transfer to USF before completing their A.A. degree from HCC?
USF can admit students with less than the 60 credits, but students will not have guaranteed admissions into the FUSE Academic Programs.  Therefore, students are highly encourage to complete the FUSE program to ensure guaranteed admissions into the University of South Florida FUSE specified  Academic Programs.

What if a student wants to complete an A.S. degree instead of an A.A. degree?
A.S. degrees do not meet the FUSE requirement to transfer to the University of South Florida.