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Q: When should I sign-off on a receipt for service/goods?
A: All goods should be shipped to the College’s Warehouse. However, if you directly receive services or goods, you must confirm receipt of those goods or services by signing a receipt and promptly forwarding the receipt to the Accounts Payable Department.

Q: Why can you not pay off of a Statement?
A: Statements provide a list of outstanding invoices or activity on our account. They do not provide sufficient information as to the unit cost, quantity and description of items purchased. The College requires an invoice to support each disbursement. If the original invoice is not available, a duplicate/replacement invoice with the original invoice number may be submitted for payment.

Q: Should the appropriate Purchase Order or Blanket Purchase Order (PO/BPO) be listed on the Invoice?
A: Yes. The PO or BPO number is necessary to confirm that the purchase was properly budgeted and approved prior to receipt of goods or services. Accounts Payable needs the PO or BPO number to charge the correct department for the expenditure.

Q: Must I supply my Vendor with the Sales Tax Exempt Form?

Yes, you will need to provide a copy of the Sales Tax Exemption Form if the do not already have one. 


Must the Invoice(s) be sent to Accounts Payable?

A: Yes. All invoices should be sent to the Attention of the Accounts Payable Department at P.O. Box 31127, Tampa, FL 33631-31127.


Must the merchandise be shipped directly to the Warehouse?

A: Yes, unless the purchase is from Office Max or approved through Purchasing. 


Where can I get my check?

A: Checks are normally mailed. However, under special circumstances you may need to pick up a check. If so, you can pick it up at the Controllers Office which is located at the District Administrative Offices on Davis Islands in room 511.  Checks will not be released the same day they are issued without Unit Administrator and Controller approval.


Why didn't you pay sales taxes?

A: The College is exempt from Florida Sales Tax.


When reconciling travel, if I spend more than approved, do I need to get it re-approved by my Supervisor.

A: Yes.  


Who do I contact to determine whether or not a check has been cashed?

A: The Banking Department. Please call Gisela Gonzalez at (813) 253-7142.

Q: Who can update the College’s system to show that goods have been received and accepted?

If the goods were received by the Warehouse or shipped directly please contact the Warehouse @ 253-7857.