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2016 Summer Faculty Load period:  05/16/2016 - 08/08/2016 

Overload and adjunct pay records for 2016/SUM will be generated (HR-CLPS process)  Friday, May 27, 2016, at 9:00 a.m., based on linked course section and campus org assignments in the system at that time.  Any additions, deletions, or changes to any faculty member’s load after that time must be reported separately to Human Resources so that pay records can be updated accordingly.   

Summer 2016 overload and adjunct pay dates:        



Classes with other dates may affect payment number and dates.  The Colleague software calculates the number of payments based on the class start/end date for Summer 2016 and not by any policy or action of the Payroll or Human Resources Departments.  

Faculty should review their stipends in WebAdvisor to check for any errors prior to May 31st  (Payroll will be processed on June 1st).  Faculty should report any errors to their Dean's office.  The Dean's office must send the revisions to Human Resources so adjustments can be made.  

There is a “How to View Stipends in WebAdvisor” document in the Notices page on the payroll website for faculty who may not know how to access and view their stipends.  The document also explains in detail how the system processes the stipends and how they can tell how much they will be paid and the number of payments.






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Pay Period Schedule 2017-2018

Pay Schedule 2012-2013  

                                      Payroll Bi-Weekly Schedule 

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The bi-weekly schedule contains many important deadlines for processing employment related actions in Colleague, including WebAdvisor, Human Resources and Payroll deadlines. 

2016-2017 biweekly with deadlines 


Click here to view notices sent to the HCC Community regarding the pay schedule.