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The HCC Purchasing Department manages and facilitates the procurement process for the College.  The College’s procurement process occurs in various stages.

Certain stages may not apply and may not follow the same progression towards award depending upon the method of competitive solicitation selected in order to provide the best possible value for the College.


The following is a basic overview of the procurement process:

  • Information Gathering, Sourcing, and Analysis: information is collected and analyzed with respect to client needs; to research market conditions and availability; to identify avenues for sourcing and compile solicitation list for potential providers
  • Needs and Requirements Identification: specific functional needs are identified in order to define accurate requirements for the requested goods and/or services
  • Specifications and Standards Development: detailed technical descriptions of the characteristics of the requested goods and/or services are developed
  • Competitive Solicitation Method Determination: the method of competitive solicitation is determined by various factors including, but not limited to, those defined in the College’s Administrative Rules and Procedures, Florida Statutes, and State Board of Education Administrative Rules regarding the type(s) of goods and/or services requested; anticipated total dollar amount thresholds; the nature, size, scope and complexity of the project; urgency of need such as in emergency situations; ability to obtain fair and open competition; and consideration factors used as the basis for award (i.e. price, qualifications, experience, project approach, innovation, creativity, or value-added services, etc.) in order to provide the best possible value for the College
  • Competitive Solicitation Document Preparation: all gathered information, needs and requirements, specifications and standards are compiled and incorporated into the solicitation document
  • Public Advertisement: notification of competitive opportunities is provided via public media such as local newspapers, magazines, and posted the College’s website requesting written responses from providers of the requested goods and/or services
  • Public Opening and Tabulation of Submissions: written submissions are publicly opened and tabulated at the designated place, date, and time, and the tabulation is publicly posted on the College’s website
  • Responsiveness Determination: written submissions are preliminarily assessed by HCC Purchasing Department staff to determine responsiveness
  • Committee Review and Evaluation of Written Submissions: depending on the method of solicitation, appointed evaluation committee members review and evaluate responsive written submissions in accordance with the evaluation criteria and necessary requirements outlined in the solicitation document
  • Notification of Short-Listed Firms: depending on the method of solicitation, firms may be short-listed and invited to provide oral presentations and/or participate in interview discussions
  • Best and Final Offers: depending on the method of solicitation, firms may be given the opportunity to provide best and final offers
  • Committee Evaluation of Oral Presentations or Interviews; or Best and Final Offers: depending on the method of solicitation, appointed evaluation committee members evaluate information provided during oral presentations or interview discussions; or review and evaluate best and final offers
  • Negotiations: depending on the method of solicitation, negotiations are conducted by an appointed negotiation team
  • Committee Recommendation: appointed evaluation committee members reach a consensus and, depending on the total dollar amount, provide the College President with a recommendation for award
  • College President Recommendation: the College President reviews the evaluation committee’s recommendation and determines whether to accept or reject the committee’s recommendation
  • Board Approval and Contract Award: depending on the total contract award amount, a Board Agenda Item is presented to the HCC District Board of Trustees for review and approval
  • Contract Development and Execution: contract is developed and written, reviewed and approved by the College Attorney, and signed by all required authorized parties
  • Purchase Order Issuance: an online requisition to purchase is submitted and approved by all necessary Budget Officers; purchase order is issued by the HCC Purchasing Department and sent to the vendor
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