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VendorLink, HCC's online vendor registration system provides a free, secure, user-friendly Internet portal and one-stop service center to register with HCC and receive automatic email notifications regarding HCC's upcoming competitive solicitations as opportunities become available.

Vendor Benefits include:

»  24/7 access to vendor registration information

»  Immediate visibility to HCC staff as a supplier/provider


Vendors have the following options when registering:

  1. Short Process:  For vendors who are only interested in receiving automatic email notifications regarding upcoming competitive solicitations and identifying their business entity to HCC staff.
  2. Full Process:  Any vendor who transacts business with HCC must complete the full registration process.

For additional details regarding these processes, please see our Registration FAQs.

Vendors are cautioned NOT to provide goods and/or services without a valid purchase order issued by the HCC Purchasing Department.  Goods and/or services provided in the absence of a valid HCC purchase order may be returned or result in non-payment at the discretion of the College.

In addition, all vendors are required to maintain insurance while providing active services to HCC.  Active vendors must provide proof of insurance and meet all HCC Vendor Insurance Requirements as set forth by HCC Department of Risk Management.

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