TOPS Award

The TOPS (Truly Outstanding Performance and Service) Award was developed by the Davis Islands Advisory Council as a means of recognizing employees who demonstrate and provide on-going exemplary service to others. Any HCC employee who meets this criteria is eligible for this award and selections are made from nominations submitted to the Advisory Council.

Congratulations to Kathy Gamson, our 2016 TOPS Winner!

Kathy Gamson
According to her colleagues: "Kathy goes above and beyond the call. She leads her team with integrity and allows everyone to blossom in their talents. If an employee calls regarding their benefits, she will not stop researching until she has a solution, even if it requires staying past work hours. If she realizes there is a mistake in benefits, she will not allow it to continue, she will correct it right away and fix it going forward. If she doesn't know the answer to something, she will research it until she finds the answer. She respects her team amd all of the employees that she encounters."

Past Winners Include:

Rachel Pulliam, 2015
Stephanie Piazza, 2015
Kim Baker, 2014
Tammy Searle, 2014
Helen Dobbins, 2013
Anthony Thundyll, 2013
Zach Dawson, 2009
Catherine Bilka, 2009
Josette Bulnes, 2009
Tia Vickers, 2008
Barbara Devries, 2008
Raquel Trapp, 2008
Bernie Nazar, 2007
Kathy Jacobs, 2007