Diversity Council Structure

The college wide diversity council will select and assist in coordinating at least one or two major diversity celebrations annually and engage in other diversity activities and discussions.

Council Structure:
• Chair
• Coordinator
• Members - 26

Meetings will be scheduled bi-monthly.

Membership Criteria:
Each campus will have at least 3 representatives. Categories must include the following:

• Campus
o 1 SGA Representative (Student)
o 1 Faculty
o 1 Staff/Administrator

• District
o 1 Administrator
o 2 Staff or 1 Staff and 1 Administrator

Recommendations for Council members will be provided by Campus Presidents to Equity Office. Each campus can recommend up to 5 persons per campus which must include a SGA representative. District office will receive recommendations from Cabinet members. No more than 2 persons recommended per cabinet members.

The Equity Office will review recommended Council members and select 18 members based on diversity distribution (e.g. gender (including LBGT), race/ethnicity, and disability).

Criteria for selection of Diversity Council:
Campus Presidents and Cabinet members must select full time employees who have demonstrated some level of commitment for diversity through coordinated diversity events, hiring practices, diversity initiatives/projects, etc.

All populations will be represented in the College-Wide Diversity Council.