Media Tips for MLK Day of Service Events

Presented by Murv Seymour, Media Consultant

Is My Event Newsworthy?
• What makes my event unique?
• Does my event impact the community?
• Is my event visual?
• Is my event easy to cover?
• What time of day is my event?
• Does my event happen in one location?
• Does my event tie in with a national event - Media loves tie-ins

Who Are You Targeting?
• Television
• Newspaper
• Radio
• Blogs
• Community Calendars

Free Submissions
• Television Stations – Search station website – ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, Bay News Nine, and WEDU
• Online newspapers offer free listings.  Look for the contact us link –,,,, 

What’s in your Press Release?

• Basic format - Contact info, name, number, email.  Date press release is delivered.  Effective one sentence Header. Effective second sentence Header
• Use letterhead if available
• Include web address and any social media icons
• One page in length

1. Who
2. What
3. When
4. Where
5. Why

Should I include a press kit?

What’s in Your Press Kit?
• Press Release
• Studies or supporting data
• Photos or video support (flash drive, download, email)

Other Quick Tips
• Build a relationship with your media contacts
• Check your spelling, punctuation etc.
• Don’t annoy news staff
• Be prepared

Build Your Social Media Presence 
• Create FB
• YouTube
• Twitter
• Instagram
• Google Chrome
• Linked In

Make sure all channels are branded alike (, twitter/murvseymour,, etc...)
Keep content on Social Network fresh
Interact with your audience. Build your network. 

How to Find MLK Day of Service Website –
• Search Hillsborough Community College Equity & Diversity Office
• Look for MLK Day of Service Link – Everything Listed. (timelines, parent MLK Day of Service site, etc…)