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HCC employment enables participation in a variety of retirement programs, the state-run Florida Retirement System, CCORP and the supplemental tax-deferred annuity plans, 403b and 457b.


All full-time and part-time regular faculty and staff are eligible for membership in the Florida Retirement System, with the exception of faculty adjuncts and student employees. A mandatory payroll deduction is collected from each eligible employee and submitted to FRS, along with a Florida state legislature-determined employer contribution.

 For more information on the Florida Retirement System, please visit http://www.myfrs.com/. Each newly eligible HCC employee is automatically enrolled in FRS and will receive a welcome kit, directly from FRS, within approximately 2 – 3 months of becoming eligible. This kit contains very important information for new FRS members and should be read carefully. A choice between the FRS pension and FRS investment plan format must be made within 5 months of becoming newly eligible. The default enrollment is into the FRS pension plan format, if you take no action within 5 months. 

FRS New Hire Video

FRS Understanding Your Pension Plan and DROP Video


Faculty and staff, including adjuncts, may elect to participate in the tax-deferred annuity plan options, which are available to personnel at their discretion and expense. The tax-deferred annuity plans are able to be selected from list of financial institutions, offering a variety of options to HCC employees.

 For more information regarding HCC’s 403b and 457b options and how to begin participation in these plans, please visit the TSA Consulting Group’s website at http://www.tsacg.com/. Please review the list of eligible financial institutions. You are encouraged to reach out, to as many of them as you wish, to find out if their retirement/financial planning philosophy and your retirement planning needs are a good fit. These plans are all administered, on behalf of HCC, by the TSA Consulting Group. 

Once you have enrolled with your selected financial institution, complete and submit the appropriate 403b or 457b salary deferral form to the HCC Benefits department, to initiate your payroll deductions. 


403b Salary Deferral Form

457b Salary Deferral Form

Retirement Vendor List 

TSA Process Memo

TSA 2017 HCC Annual Notice

403b Plan Document

Comparison of 457(b) Plans and 403(b) Plans