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Compensation Study Update 

As we communicated previously, Evergreen Solutions will be reopening the Job Assessment Tools (JAT) and Management Issues Tools tomorrow, September 20, 2016.  Both will be open for a period of two weeks.  

During this time, employees are encouraged to review the information they previously submitted in the JAT and update or change any information as needed.  Managers are also asked to review the information submitted by their employees and enter their comments.   

In order to produce a fair and equitable salary and compensation study, it is imperative that all employees review their information. It is equally important for managers to review the information that their employees submitted and provide feedback. 

If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at x7180.

Kristen Smuder, PHR, SHRM - CP
Executive Director of Human Resources


We have received the draft results of the Staff Salary Study from Evergreen Solutions.  The results have been reviewed by the Compensation Study Task Force and the President’s Cabinet and collectively we feel that the study is neither complete, nor have all of the objectives been met.  One specific area of concern identified by Evergreen was the information submitted by employees in the Job Assessment Tools (JAT). Evergreen conveyed that many of the JAT’s did not provide enough information to make accurate comparisons and as such, we may ask you to revisit your submission. 
We have communicated our concerns to Evergreen with the direction to continue working on the portions of the study that have not been fulfilled.  We, too,  share in your disappointment,  but know that it is imperative to have a complete and accurate study in order to fix any pay issues.

Draft Results