Dr. Gwendolyn W. Stephenson District Administration Center

HR Forms

Address Change Notification
Administrator-Staff Teaching Request Template
Advancement in Professional (Fac) Rank Template
Application for Fac Mbr Sabbatical Leave Template 2-1-005 
Application for Sick Leave Pool (Non-fac)
Communication in Lieu of Evaluation (Staff)
Deferred Pay Advisement Template  2-1-015
Designation of Beneficiary

Direct Deposit Authorization

Disclosure Exemption Questionnaire
Domestic Partner Declaration Certification  Doc
Employee Disciplinary Form
Employee History Reference Check Log 2-1-044
End of Term Verification Template
   Evaluation Form (Adjunct Faculty) 2-1-094
  Evaluation Form (Administrators)
  Evaluation Form (Faculty Accomplishments)
  Evaluation Form (Faculty Goal-Setting Plan)
  Evaluation Form (Faculty Student Evaluation)
  Evaluation Form (FT Counselor)
  Evaluation Form Template (FT Instructional Fac)
  Evaluation Form (FT Librarian) Template
  Evaluation Form (Tenure Portfolio Process)
  Evaluation Form (Tenr Port Progr) Template
  Evaluation Form (Prof/Mgl - Classified)
  Evaluation Form (PT Non-faculty)
  Evaluation Form (Program Manager)
Experience for Education Substitution
Faculty Pay Option PDF 2-1-081
Faculty Sabbatical Leave Activity Report PDF 2-1-112
Faculty Sabbatical Leave Activity Report Template 2-1-112
Faculty Salary Calculation 2-1-053
FRS Certification FRS-Cert
FT New Emp Processing Checklist FT-EMPM CHK
Grievance (FUSA) PDF 2-1-006
Grievance (FUSA) Template 2-1-006
HRAR-1    Employment/Personal Data 2-1-088
HRAR-2    Assignment Data 2-1-075
HRAR-2M    Redistribution of Asgn PDF 2-1-075-M
HRAR-2M    Redistribution of Asgn Template 2-1-075-M
HRAR-3    Position Data 2-1-051
HRAR-3S    Supervision Data - Fill in 2-1-051-S
HRAR-4    Status Data 2-1-104
I-9 Employment Eligibility Form
Loyalty Oath - Citizen
Loyalty Oath - Noncitizen 2-1-032
Name Change Requst Form
Outside Employment Notification PDF
Outside Employment Notification Template 0-0-011
Personnel Requisition
Position Appraisal Worksheet
PT New Employee Processing Checklist
Report of Committee/Council Information PDF 2-1-116
Report of Committee/Council Information Template 2-1-116
Request for Classification Action
Request for Degree Level Change
Request for Leave Pay-Off
Request for Reasonable Accommodation (ADA) 2-1-097
Request for Tuition Reimbursement
Request to Establish New Position PDF
Request to Extend Temporary Position
Request to Extend Multiple Temporary Positions 2-1-098M
Request to Start/Stop Wireless Device Stipend 2-1-105
Request to Use Sick Leave Pool (Non-fac)
Sabbatical Leave Activity Report 2-1-112
Sex, Ethnicity, Race Data Collection 2-1-108
SSN Collection & Usage Notification 2-1-110
Supplemental Activity Assignment 2-1-072
Temporary Employment Agreement 2-1-111
Tenured Faculty Evaluation Waiver 2-1-025
Time Report 2-1-091
Transcript Evaluation 2-1-080
Tuition Waiver Request 0-0-24
Wage - Salary Recommendation PDF 2-1-002
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