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 Tuition Waiver request
 0-1-011  Outside Employment PDF
 0-1-011  Outside Employment Template
 2-1-002  (FT Non-faculty) Wage/Salary Recommendation PDF
 2-1-005  Application for Faculty Sabbatical Leave PDF
 2-1-005  Application for Faculty Sabbatical Leave Template
 2-1-006  FUSA Grievance PDF
 2-1-006  FUSA Grievance Template
 2-1-015  Deferred Pay Advisement PDF
 2-1-015  Deferred Pay Advisement Template
 2-1-024  Request for Tuition Reimbursement
 2-1-025  Tenured Faculty Evaluation Waiver
 2-1-027  Tenured Faculty Transfer Request PDF
 2-1-028  Instructional Faculty Performance Evaluation Review Template
 2-1-029C  End-of-Year Counselor
 2-1-029F  End-of-Year Faculty
 2-1-029L  End-of-Year Librarian
 2-1-031  Loyalty Oath - Citizen
 2-1-030  Request for Advancement in Professional Rank PDF
 2-1-030  Request for Advancement in Professional Rank Template
 2-1-033  Librarian Evaluation Template
 2-1-034  Employee Disciplinary Report
 2-1-042  Program Manager Assessment
 2-1-044  Employee History Reference Check Log
 2-1-046  Request for Classification Action
 2-1-051  HRAR-3
 2-1-051-S  HRAR-3S
 2-1-053  (FT) Faculty Salary Calculation
 2-1-057  Experience for Education Substitution
 2-1-058  Counselor Evaluation
 2-1-059  Faculty Student Evaluation
 2-1-063  Disclosure Exemption Questionnaire
 2-1-072  Supplemental Activity Assignment
 2-1-075  HRAR-2
 2-1-077  Request for Leave Payoff
 2-1-078  Request to Utilize Sick Leave Pool
 2-1-080  Transcript Evaluation
 2-1-081  Faculty Pay Option PDF
 2-1-084  Administrative Evaluation
 2-1-085  Part-Time Prof/Mgl - Class Evaluation
 2-1-086  Communication in Lieu of Performance Evaluation
 2-1-087  Prof/Mgl - Class Evaluation (FT)
 2-1-088  HRAR-1
 2-1-090  Request to Establish New Position PDF
 2-1-091  Time Report
 2-1-092  Address Change Notification
 2-1-094  Evaluation for Adjunct Faculty
 2-1-097  Request for Reasonable Accomodations
 2-1-098  Request to Extend Temporary Position
 2-1-098M  Request to Extend Multiple Temporary Positions
 2-1-102  Request for Degree Level Change
 2-1-104  HRAR-4
 2-1-105  Request to Start Wireless Device Stipend
 2-1-105  Name Change Request Form  
 2-1-107  Design of Beneficiary
 2-1-108  Sex-Ethnic-Race Data Collection
 2-1-109  Administrator/Staff Teaching Request Template
 2-1-110  SSN Usage Notice
 2-1-111  Temporary Assignment Agreement (Ineligi for FRS Coverage)
 2-1-112  Sabbatical Leave Activity Report PDF
 2-1-112  Sabbatical Leave Activity Report Template
 2-1-116  Report of Committee Information PDF
 2-1-116  Report of Committee Information Template
 2-1-117  Appendix O Tenure Portfolio Progress Evaluation
 5-1-001  Direct Deposit Authorization
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