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New Hire Forms

The New Hire Forms Index is a list of forms or notification that are required for new hire processing. Descriptions have been provided with each link.  


Completed Pre-Employment Background Check Part of new hire/rehire paperwork; notification from Employment; required for all new hires and rehires (after 90 days from separation)
HRAR-1 Employment/Personal Data Used to report hiring of employees as well as status, personal and demographic information
HRAR-2 Assignment Data Used to report assignment of employee to a position as well as salary/wage information
I-9 Employment Eligibility Form Section 1 of this form must be completed by the employee no later than the first day of work. The I-9 approved certifier must complete Section 2 within 3 workdays. Submit the completed I-9 with copies of the documents proving identity and employment eligibility. Under federal law, a person cannot be legally employed without an accurate I-9.
Faculty Salary Calculation (Faculty Only) Salary calculation form required for all faculty new hires and rehires
Transcript (Official) Required for positions with post-secondary degree minimum requirement. Official transcripts must be in a sealed envelope in order to be considered official.
Transcript Evaluation (Faculty Only) Transcript evaluation form required for all faculty new hires and rehires
Wage/Salary Recommendation (Non-Faculty Only) Wage/Salary Recommendation form required if above minimum wage
Authorization Memo Approval from President (special circumstances)
Disclosure Exemption Questionnaire Questionnaire used for exceptions to the general information disclosure rule per Florida Statute 119.07
Employment History/Reference Check Log Verification of employment history/references
Experience for Education Substitution (if required) Required for Post-Secondary Levels
Florida Retirement System (FRS) Employment Certification Form State of FL required new employee form
Direct Deposit Authorization College’s official method for disbursing pay
Sex, Ethnicity and Race Data Collection Collection of multi-ethnic multi-racial demographics for U.S. Census using State of Florida guidelines
SSN Collection & Usage Notification Used for the purpose of collection and usage of an employee’s SSN in compliance with Florida Statute, Section 119.071(5)
Copy of original (not replica) SSN Card Used as supporting document for SSN Collection and Usage Notification
State of Florida Loyalty Oath – Citizen Used in compliance with Florida Statute 876.05 for all state and public employees
State of Florida Loyalty Oath – Non-Citizen Used in compliance with Florida Statute 876.05 for all state and public employees of the State of Florida
Temporary Employment Agreement Required only if employee is in a TEMP status
W-4 Form IRS Withholding Federal Income Tax