Marketing and Public Relations Department


Marketing & Public Relations (MPR) will assist you in producing printed collateral to promote your program, service, or event.  We also provide public relations in the form of media and social relations to promote your program, service or event to the campus and external community.  

MPR has developed the Marketing Request Form to help inform your request and to provide you with the information that we need in order to facilitate your request.  The process includes the following:

  • Request form is sent to the Marketing and Public Relations Department.
  • Content is drafted.  If the project is requires graphic design, the design work will then begin in collaboration with requesting college department.
  • Drafts are forwarded to requestor as well as other affected and interested parties.
  • Edited drafts are sent back to MPR where corrections/changes are made.
  • Final draft sent back to requestor and affected parties who acknowledges information contained within the proof is accurate and complies with college policies and procedures.
  • MPR  releases final proof for production, newsroom or other requested entity.      

Go here for Marketing Request Form.